54 Years & Still Beaming |Said Yes to the Address

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Real Estate

I received an email one Fall day in 2020 saying, “We are  looking for a home in southwest Florida”. Well, wonderful because Ray and I love to find people homes! I gave them a call and these folks were going to sell their home up north and move here to be closer to siblings in the area. That was a year ago. Sometimes life’s plans get delayed and their plans were put on hold for a bit. We stayed in touch, keeping them informed of the market and the happenings in the area. Then one day last summer they let me know they had sold their house, signed a short-term lease, and they would be down soon to find their forever Florida home. Well, alright. We discussed different homes and areas. We discussed strategies for offers. We finally met in person, and Ray and I had the pleasure of meeting two of the kindest people! They knew what they wanted and they were ready to buy.  Now we just needed the inventory to cooperate. It only took a few outings and they knew which areas they wanted. Then when a home came on the market in one of their desired communities we went and saw it right away. They walked in and I could see as they walked through the house that they felt at home. Offer made and offer accepted! During the entire process their kind polite demeanor never changed. Each time I met with this couple and I observed them interact with one another and I watched how they treated each other with respect, I knew they had been in love a long time. I had to ask how many years they had been married. They will be celebrating their 54th wedding anniversary in their new Florida home.