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Sometimes the loveliest set of circumstances happen. Such as with this Mission Lakes condo we have listed. The sellers interviewed Ray and I to sell their condo because they watched us work hard to sell their neighbors condo. (That makes this real estate team feel good.) We do work hard; we work every lead, we advertise in all avenues that make sense for that home, we do Open Houses (which as you recall from previous blogs –OPEN HOUSES sell houses!), we attend real estate events just to tell other agents about our listings. Ray and I are Realtors who sell real estate full time.  

But when we walked into this home---Ray and I were both WOW’ed! We have seen many of the Mission Lakes condos—but this one was far and above the others. Why, because the sellers hired professionals creating custom smart design that utilized every inch of space maximizing storage and functionality in a truly beautiful WOW kind of way. This was their home not a get-away place or a rental—but their home. And it shows in this spotless condo with all its lovely details.

Not to mention the sellers are just lovely people. You will sense that when you walk in the front door. Click the link below and see this wonderful condo. If not for you, forward to friends and family that are looking for a place to call HOME in Venice. See all the way around the loveliest of circumstances.



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