Daddy's New Job |Said Yes to the Address

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Real Estate

What makes people move? I mean seriously selling your house and buying another home is intense and a great deal of work! Then add to the experience small children. You grasp how the selling process goes; keep the  house spotless for the showings, then there is the house hunting,  the negotiating,  THE packing, the logistics of moving, and finally the never ending unpacking !!(and how many times will you say “why did I pack this?”) Oh, and doing all this while little ones watching their favorite toys go in a box. Here’s a great reason why a family would do this, you have been selected as the top candidate and winning your dream job!  Now, that’s motivation to move.

Which is precisely what happened to this young family. They were living in a lovely community in Florida, when a dream job was offered. A two hour daily commute time didn’t make sense. So, that’s where Ray and I come in. They contacted us to find their new home. Not only did they need a Realtor to help them find a home to buy, they also needed a Realtor to sell their current house. We were able to connect them with an experienced agent in their area to interview,  and she got the job done. Their house sold in days! 

After looking at many homes close to the new job the right one finally presented itself. A pool home with enough room for their daughters to play, a very short commute, and a lovely neighborhood. Being about 10 minutes from the beach was a big bonus, too.  That’s why this family said YES to the Address.