FUN Business & New Friends

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Real Estate

WOW what a fun year 2019 was in real estate for us--Mary & Ray Westbrook , Your West Coast Realtors. Here are just a few of the fun moments:

Ray reconnected with a cousin who decided to retire in Venice, FL and now lives just a couple miles away.

A young family decided they needed a bit more room and found their dream pool home in the country.

A couple decided snow-shoveling was for the birds and they didn’t want to be snowbirds anymore! They became Floridians and bought a house in and established neighborhood because they wanted to live where the locals live.

First time home buyer gave me one of the best financial quotes I have ever heard- “When I am out shopping I think …is this item worth the 2 , 3, or more hours I put in at work ?” That kind of thinking and financial smarts is why that young single lady was able to buy a home.

We had the joy of helping a young engaged couple find their first home and days after moving in they held their wedding reception in their new home!

The privilege of working for retired military couples –truly a privilege to work for them – finding their HOME! Thank YOU for your service!

The fun of working for a newly single woman making the decision it’s my time and I am moving to the west coast (the best coast) and she did!

One couple thought the panhandle of Florida was south enough to get out of the cold---but NOPE they needed it warmer. They came on down and landed in a beautiful private home in North Port, Florida. 

The joy of helping another sell their home so they can move closer to grand-babies!!!

One of our favorites was a sweet lady who at the age of 90 decided it was time to sell her second story condo and accept her daughter’s invitation to live with them. Did you catch that—she was 90 and was still climbing the flight of stairs to her condo daily!!

We had the pleasure of working for a couple from Canada as they looked for their “Winter Cottage”. We invited them to join us for American Thanksgiving. As we gathered around the outside dining table I asked,  ”so what does Canadian Thanksgiving look like?” They responded with a smile, “ We have turkey, mashed potatoes, stuffing… but we don’t eat outside.”

We had customers that have become dear friends. Which is the best and most treasured part of all of this!