Keepin' the Real in Real Estate #114

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Real Estate

“At HOME with Diversity” is a real estate certification I earned.  Diversity. Interesting word. The word itself brings diverse definitions.  I am sure each of us picture diversity a little different. I want to share a family story about diversity. Several years ago my dad became ill. I am from a big (5 sisters and one brother) baby-boomer Irish Catholic family. All seven of us adult kids (we live in seven different states) along with Mom gathered at a hospital in downtown Seattle, Washington for what would be a very long week with my dad. It was, to say the least, a very emotional time for us. Each night we said goodnight to my dad, then we walked to this little pub close to the hotel and hospital. We became regulars for a week. Our server on one of the nights said as she set our drinks on the table, “It’s been nice having all of you come in, bringing some DIVERSITY.” We looked at her with all of her colorful permanent ink and multiple piercings, then we looked around the pub and realized, sure enough, we were the diversity. We, as a family, have chuckled about that moment in the midst of a difficult time. The little song from the children's program Sesame Street, "Which one of these is not like the others?" simply doesn't apply to people. You see, we were raised with the Golden Rule, and Mom’s mantra “to thine own self be true” philosophy. I also grew up with my dad being transferred around the country (translation- I was the new kid at school frequently.) We were raised to see people and places as just that ---people and places. The instructor for “At HOME with Diversity” used a term, “respect marketing” meaning being aware that each of us see our world a little different and to show respect for those differences.  He used an interesting example, “Which has more value to you; loyalty or honesty?” We  agree that both are critical and important. On the macro level some cultures value loyalty over honesty and others it’s honesty over loyalty.  No right answer. And the same is true on the micro level with individual people, answers vary. I am curious, which do you feel has more value; loyalty or honesty? Come on be a friend (loyalty) and answer truthfully (honesty). This was a very intriguing continuing education. I aced the test. The ideas and attitudes went with the values my parents instilled in me, with the way I view the world and the way we do business.  Ray and I are “At HOME with Diversity”. That's keepin’ the REAL in real estate.