Keepin’ the REAL in Real Estate #215 post 8.11.17

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Keepin’ the REAL in Real Estate #215
This story took place the other day at a closing for one of our listings. A nice home, on a corner lot, with a huge backyard, and a swimming pool. The buyers were a young family and have several children. When they walked into the title company for the closing their oldest son was with him. He is about nine years old and dressed in a button-down shirt, khaki’s, and nice shoes. He was looking rather grown-up for a nine year old. He sat through ALL the paper work signing during the closing better than many adults. There was friendly chit-chat between all of us around the closing table. At the end while the keys and happy wishes were being exchanged I asked the young man, “What is the best part of your new house?” 
He beamed as he said without missing a beat, “I get my own room.”
I grew up in a big family with six siblings. I know the day you get your own room is a BIG deal. 
Now, that’s keepin’ the real in real estate.