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Keepin' the Real in Real Estate #201

Every day Ray and I have the pleasure of meeting and working with truly incredible people in a vast array of life stages. We just completed a closing on a sweet house with an amazing family. She was in the Navy and he was active duty Marine and continues to serve this wonderful country in the Marine Reserves. Get this, he is in the reserves, goes to school full time and is employed, too! She is an RN. Plus, they have the cutest little boy. That is one busy family! What an honor to work for them! We did a considerable amount of negotiating on this one-getting the price & details agreeable to all. One of the most sincere words I have ever heard at the closing table was when the seller said, " I wanted to get more (money) for the house. But, you served our Country, this was what I could do to say thank you." The young couple humbly smiled. I nearly cried (but needing to keep my professional Realtor face on-I didn't --until NOW-- as am typing those  words). Yep, that was a good day for keepin' the real in Real Estate.