Lake of the Woods, Venice, FL classic

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Lake of the Woods of Jacaranda (LOWOJ) has continued to be a lovely and desirable community. It was developed in the 1980’s. The intentional design was to create an inviting neighborhood with walking and biking trails centered around the 35 acre Lake Meredith. From the beginning it was decided it would be a deed-restricted community with a few nice amenities like a community pool, tennis courts, and fitness center. The deed-restrictions were put in place to set a standard for the homeowners. It is not a cookie-cutter community. Over the years there have been three different builders building homes. The area has three separate “neighborhoods”; there is Lake of the Woods with 182 homes, Lakes of Jacaranda with 613 homes, and then Park Estates with 76 homes.  Lake of the Woods of Jacaranda is one of those communities that has never lost its appeal to people. Many homes have been revitalized over the years and a few have kept the original 1980’s style. Many have private pools, some have three car garages. All the homes are required to have tile roofs, shingle roofs are not allowed. The HOA fees are low and cover the care of all the beautiful community grounds and the community center. Each homeowner cares for their own yard. There are community get togethers on a regular basis, too. It’s a community that has a local neighborhood feel and a wonderful place to call home.