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 Life’s a Beach  “Some beach! Somewhere!” as Black Shelton sings. That song is a hoot!  Whether you are living full time, seasonally, or just vacationing along the Gulf of Mexico, it provides a pretty amazing lifestyle. Whether you have 20 steps to the beach or a 45-minute drive it’s all about getting your vitamin D and your vitamin SEA! There are still things to be aware of about coastal living ( i.e. hurricanes). With hurricane Elsa having passed on by, those of you who live in the area hopefully had your “hurricane box” ready because you read our June newsletter. (said with a wink and a smile) But, do you know about the flags that fly on the beach? Do you know where to get accurate information about beach conditions? I know not to play in the Gulf when a purple flag is flying, will you? 


Further down you will find additional helpful links for beach information

The real estate market ebbs and flows and can get a bit messy at times just like the waters along the coastline. The Market has high tides and low tides, it can seem clear and calm, and it can be white capped and rough, too. The market is still a strong sellers’ market. That has not shifted. Ray and I recently met with a homeowner to discuss the value of their home in this market and the homeowners asked, “Are there really multiple offers?”.  We responded with, “YES! All of our listings have had no fewer than  6 offers and the most 16 written offers.” We share this same information with our buyers when they start their search. There are some questions we are asked on a regular basis.

This is a Q&A of the most common questions…

 “Can a seller still make top dollar?” Yes! Absolutely! Price it in the sweet spot and let the buyers make their bids.

“Are all the offers cash?” No, but the majority of them are cash.

“I am getting a mortgage, can I still win a bid?” YES! Get with your lender and see if they can have everything ready on your loan and all they are waiting for is you going under contract. If your lender doesn’t offer this type of “pre-approval” then maybe you should check with another lender.

“I need the cash out of my house first before I can buy, what options do I have? ”Coldwell Banker has you covered with RealSure. It is a cash offer on your house ! We can share the details of this with you.

“I know there are things I need to do to my house before I can sell it but I don’t have the money to put into the house.”  Coldwell Banker has a way to help homeowners in that situation and it’s called RealVitalize. We can share the details on this, too.

The thing is, Coldwell Banker has been in the real estate business for over 114 years. Mr. Coldwell And Mr. Banker (Yes, his last name really was Banker) back in the early 1900’s saw a need for people buying and selling real estate to have someone oversee their transactions to ensure people were not being taken advantage of. That is why Coldwell Banker came into existence. That is the foundation of Coldwell Banker Realty and the company is always looking for the best ways to care for our customers. It is why Ray and I choose to build our business of serving peoples real estate needs on the a strong foundation of Coldwell Banker.  Our mission statement is “ Making real estate dreams a reality.”

Below are the current "tides" of the real estate market in July 2021. The data will be based on 3 bedroom single family home with a pool in the most common requested search budget of $250kk to $400,000 in Manatee, Sarasota, and Charlotte counties.

 Sarasota: Active on the market? 12 Pending? 82 Sold in the last 90 days? 200!!! Average days on the market? EIGHT! Sellers got an average of 103% of list price. 

Manatee: Active on the market?12 Pending ? 45 Sold in the last 90 days? 100 Average days on the market?  EIGHT!! Sellers got an average of  100.6% of list price. 

Charlotte:  Active on the market? 21 Pending ? 113! Sold in the last 90 days? 244!! Average days on the market? 15  Sellers got an average of 105%  of list price. 

Below are links to real estate information, some fun, and some helpful Florida links to keep...

First some fun. Here is a YouTube link to  Blake Shelton 2009 "Some Beach Some Where"   (and you gotta twang it when you sing it or it’s just doesn’t have the same effect).

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 If you want to discuss the real estate market, please don't hesitate to contact us! call us, text us, email us. You can search and find us by using #MaryRayWestbrook 

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