Live where you Vacation |Said Yes to the Address

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Real Estate

You vacation in a beautiful Sarasota. You go back home to snow and gray skies. You find yourself missing the blue skies, the sound of the waves, and the feel of your toes in the sand. A place where you can ride your bike nearly 365 days a year. Then you begin to wonder, “What’s keeping us here?”. Then you begin to think, “Could we relocate? Could we relocate our lives, our employment, and make Sarasota home?”. That’s where Ray and I come in. They were looking for a simple place, a one bedroom, one bath condo with a balcony. But remember they don’t live here and they are still working up north.  So, Ray and I videoed several condos for them.  We wrote a couple offers that didn’t win the bid. Then the right one presented itself, it was a top floor unit giving it a high ceiling, a fabulous balcony overlooking the pond, just blocks to the Legacy Bike Trail and just a few miles from the #1 beach in the USA- Siesta Key Beach. Our  videos were the only view of the condo they had until the walk-through the day before closing. I opened the door for the walk through and in his accented English he smiled and said “It is exactly the way your video showed. I am pleased.” YES! Then they said YES to the Address.