Quirky Things & Pushing Buttons

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Real Estate

A funny thing happened while out showing houses to a home buyer. We were in a delightful mid-century classic with all the wonderful straight lines, angles, and windows. We were simply enjoying all the fun details of this vacant never-been-updated classic. While in the master bedroom in the middle of the bedroom wall was a doorbell. Yes, a doorbell. It was not near a door, or a window, or a closet, just in the middle of the room. Hmmmmm- The buyer and I both wondered what had it been attached to?  Did I mention the doorbell was red—yes red as in fire engine red. Being a curious sort and not seeing any sign saying, “Do not touch”. I pushed the doorbell. Well, guess what, it was still connected, and it was a panic alarm button. AND it worked, I was now in a moment of panic. There I stood with my customer who is now doubled over in laughter as this LOUD-bomb-shelter-like siren was going off. I pushed the button again and again and one more time. Nothing was making the siren stop. Customer still laughing and tears rolling down her cheeks. I am sure the SWAT team would be showing up. I thought, find the breaker box! I went into the garage, found the breaker box, went back in the house for my reading glasses, found my glasses so I could read breaker box, and flipped the breaker marked “alarm”. Silence—except for my customers laughter and saying, “I can’t believe that just happened”. Counted to 10 (the universal allotment of time to wait for electronics to do their re-set thingy), held my breath as I nervously flipped the breaker back on—silence. We locked up the house and stepped outside. Not a single neighbor came out. No SWAT team. Quiet and calm outside.  The only commotion was this red-as-a -door-bell-faced Realtor and her still chuckling customer getting into the car.  Off to the next address. Just another keepin’ the real in real estate moment.