Said Yes to the Address -1st time buyer wins BID!

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First time home buyer was able to buy a home in this competitive hot sellers market. Did he over pay? No! We spent a Saturday back in March touring at least 15 homes from North Port to Port Charlotte. When I say “we” Brandon was wise enough to bring along family to help him look at homes from an experienced viewpoint.  It was a delightful bonus to have his mom and grandmother house hunting, too. It is so competitive while we were out touring homes I was receiving notifications from agents letting me know “we now have multiple offers” on houses we had just looked at. We were also checking the MLS continually searching for brand new listings and scheduling showings the moment they came on the market. Nothing was going to slip through this group’s fingers! We found one. We made an offer. We had to use the escalation addendum. Brandon won the bid! But, then during the inspection the septic system failed inspection. (I cannot stress enough how important inspections are!) The Seller agreed to replace the system. The thing is when you replace a septic system the permitting process takes time, as in a couple months. Meanwhile, Brandon’s rental lease was up and he couldn’t close on this house because of the septic system permit process. So, what’s a guy to do? Brandon figured it out and put his things in storage and made arrangements with friends for several months! If you have ever bought a home and secured a mortgage you know it takes a lot of time and documents. Through the entire lengthy process Brandon stayed on top of things while working two jobs and taking classes. Every time I called him to say you need to do this or that his response was “did it.” What an impressive guy! I say he didn’t overpay because as we all know the market is on an uptrend right now and by the time he closed in July his home with its brand new septic system had increased in market value! Good job Brandon! And congratulations to this hardworking new homeowner!