Smart Dreaming Newlyweds |Said Yes to the Address

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Real Estate

This newlywed couple is smart with big dreams and that is a winning combination.  They completed their college degrees, moved to Florida, and started their careers, that’s smart. They also decided to live frugally and save money. They saved money with an attainable dream in mind. (Unlike my dream of being a rock star when I have no musical talent whatsoever-but that is another blog) Their dream was to become homeowners. Every step on the journey to homeownership was well thought out.  They reached out to their Realtor friend up north and said, “Can you find us a real estate agent in Florida?”. The friend connected them with RAy and me. They have a friend who is a mortgage banker and they were pre-approved before we even had our first conversation. Smart! They researched the real estate market, they were prepared to make competitive offers, they knew which neighborhoods they could afford that were close to their employment. When we looked at houses they were smart about keeping their dream within their budget.  The home that had them, “say Yes to The Address” is a cute house with a terrific layout which they will have fun making their own. The fenced in backyard has a big lanai and once the neglected landscaping is brought under control again it will have a sweet water view. Plus, it is just 10 minutes from the beach.  We even negotiated a new roof!  The husband said at the walk through the day before closing, “I can’t wait to have a couple chairs out here in the backyard and the grill going.” So, thankful their friend thought of us and sent this couple our way.