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As Realtors we meet all kinds of people in all kinds of stages of life.

Before the holidays I received a call from a woman saying she found us on the internet. She liked our reviews. She went on to share she was selling her dad’s condo, he had passed away. I could hear the heaviness in her voice. I told her it would be our honor to market her dad’s condo. Ray and I have both personally walked through this process. We both knew the emotions she was processing and the task ahead of her.  After the new year we met at the condo to take care of the listing paperwork. When we met, she was in the middle of going through her dad’s things, all of his tools, his clothes, and papers.  I knew going through his belongs would be part of the healing process.  Add to that her dad had just started a small remodel project that had to be put back together.  She doesn’t live locally, and it was a two-hour drive to get to the condo. Sometimes she came with her little family in tow and sometimes by herself. She came as often as she could to take care of this labor of love; cleaning and organizing her dad’s belongings. Her sister wanted to be here to help, but she simply lived to far away.  On one of our visits the decision was made to sell the condo furnished.  We set a date to go active in the MLS. The photography was scheduled. On picture day I walked into a spotless and lovingly staged condo. It looked perfect. We hit the market on a Friday and within hours we had offers, by Sunday it was under contract. The result was selling for 112% of the list price.